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Who won what and when?

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We ran a poll on the yahoo group to find out your favourite things about the band. Here are the results...

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This project started life as a ‘yahoo group’ back in 2002 which reached a lot of ex-Brass Band members from the 70’s right up to the mid-1990s when Bruce Wigham retired and the Band was ‘evolved’ into a pseudo-orchestra.  We all look back on our time in the band with fond memories and because the yahoo group hasn’t been active for a couple of years I thought I’d pool together all the memories, photos and concert programs and running orders I could find so anyone who was in the band can share.

Some of us were taught by John Webb at Junior School, a lot of us at Lord Lawson, the majority of us by Bruce Wigham at Lord Lawson. Missing half lessons (and in some cases full lessons if it was french) in First and Second Year to go and blow down a curly bit of metal to pass your test 1 and then get your name and the date you passed tests 1-4 written in pencil on a big blue chart outside Mr.Webb's room in the music block.  This website is a tribute to the once mighty Lord Lawson Brass Band, to John Webb who sadly passed away in 1996 and to the amazing teacher and bandmaster Bruce Wigham who we sadly lost in 2010.  Also sadly missed are Mr. John Lewis who compared many School Brass Band Concerts and his successor Mr. Alistair Collier, many of whose jokes we all still remember and groan at.  

Lord Lawson Brass Band was one of the best in the country in the 1970s and won various competitions, but then mysteriously stopped when I joined in 1986.  It was immortalised in Vinyl, having two L.P's produced (That yellow one and that black and white one we all saw perched on top of Mr Wigham's blackboard) under the expert guidance of Mr. Bruce Wigham. In the early 1990s it also had a performance captured on video and on a cassette tape which sounded like it had been recorded by a bloke 6 miles away with a Dictaphone.

There used to be a bit about the Brass Band on Friends Reunited when that was popular back in 2001, so I’ve grabbed all the stuff off there, all the stuff off the yahoo group and the stuff out of my own personal collection to host here for your nostalgic delight.  If you want to add something, share your memories, tributes, old photo's, top ten band tunes, what it was REALLY like to be a 3rd cornet, places to shove a mute, my instrument was bigger than yours etc... then please contact me through the contact form and I’ll stick it on the site!  There’ll probably be a facebook page at some point too so check back from time to time for links and what have you.




I don't know how long you've missed since you left the band but shouldn't I know about it by now?

For those who remember, here are some of the goodies on the site from years gone by.  There’s more stuff in the menus at the top of the page and if you want to add something or share something with us all, just use the contact page here.

Past Members

We’re trying to list all the past members of the LLBB so we need your help.  Check the roll call here and if we’ve missed anyone, please let us know.  

Musician of the Year
The Music Library

How many of these do you remember and how many did you play?

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Photographs and Set-lists

Photographs of the band and scans of concert running orders and programs

Audio Clips!! << Click Here