The Music Library




Aces High

Rousing march

Propaganda March

All in the April evening

Euphonium Solo


Anchors Aweigh

Up-tempo nautical knees up with a catchy cornet bit

A 'Broadsheet' March


T.V. Theme tune

Cheesy and trumpety

Coronation March

Triplet Based March

Celebratory march

Cossack Patrol

Slow, Plodding, Boring

Russian standing in a queue music


Complex medley of Arthur Sullivan tunes

Great piece of music

Colonel Bogey

WWII  march

Sousa March

Fantasy on British Sea songs

Lots of nautical solo's shared about the band

A solo cornet's nightmare

The Lincolnshire Poacher

Slap your thigh and eat hot-pot

The Euphoniums’ moment of fame...

Instant Concert

Medley of about 70-odd tunes

Hootenanny's distant cousin (Once removed)

Christmas Crackers

Medley of Christmas tunes which was spoiled by that 'silent night' bit in the middle

If you weren’t christmassy after this, you were dead inside


Very difficult ensemble piece which we begged Mr. Wigham to let us play in a concert

But he said no, we'll play Largo instead.

Salute to Sullivan

Medley of Sullivan tunes...none of which anyone knew

Good way to start a concert

In a Persian Market

Baksheesh Baksheesh Empshi Empshi Emp-shi

Sand Dance mixed with the princess in the distance

Indiana Jones

Everyone could play the first 10 bars and then gave up because it was too hard

Never played in a concert but had been in your file for 8 years

Largo (From the New world)

Not much hope for the New world

Music to bake bread to

First Hymn and Last Post

Remembrance Sunday

War time memorial tune


Rousing end of concert hand clapping fest. On the repeat we all stood up at regular intervals.

Everybody playing FFF at the end and turning purple music

The Snowman

We're walking in the air...

The audience are falling asleep

Paint Your Wagon

I was Born under a wandering star/I talk to the trees etc...

Lots of off beats

Nessun Dorma

Post World cup 1990 'Sudden appreciation of Opera by Philistines' tune

It’s like Pavarotti is in the room


Another Medley of songs from the Film

More offbeats

76 Trombones

An excuse for the trombones to try an outdo each other for volume

A Mr. W telling the Trombones to stop rasping tune

Ein Schnapps

Nicola Wiliamson made this her own

German drinking song, surely not long enough to get 10 pints down you though!

Te Deum

Everytime we played it Mr W. said "This is the theme to the Eurovision you know!"

Loud and monotonous until the FFF bit at the end which was very loud and monotonous

Tuba Smarties

Tuba solo

Jolly three minute tune

Strawberry Fair

A folk tune with a disco beat

A ‘can't hear anythingbut the drums’ tune


Russian Christmas Husky tune

Christmas tune

A whiter shade of pale

Auto-pilot for the  bass section

60's re-mix for brass

On the quarter deck

A little above the ability of the band

March with a twist

Eye Level

Theme from the TV show

Jolly blast

633 Squadron

British march

Well loved by audience and band alike

The Pink Panther

Played once in 1987


Y viva Espagna

Just been to Spain nostalgia tune

modern equivalent - Livin' la Vida loca

A Carmen Fantasy

A medley of Bizet tunes

Made for brass

Love Changes Everything

From aspects of love

Andy O'Webber at his tedious worst


From Cats

See 'Love changes everything'

Minuet and Groovy Four

An interesting 'take' on Bach's Minuet in 'G'.

Arrangement of classics...

To a wild Rose

Euphonium solo



T.V. theme

T.V. theme heaven

Sleigh Ride

The interesting part was the whip in the middle.

Christmas Mayhem


A march of epic proportions, with the trombones getting RSI in the second bit.


God save the queen

Lets all stand up and say 'Gawd bless you ma'am'

How to start a concert with a bang

Under the Double Eagle

Played once

Never played again

In The Bleak Mid-Winter

... and wasn't this the bleakest carol ever?

The only Carol that didn’t deserve to be called a Carol.

The Trap

Lots of Tromboney bits

Hunting tune

Coventry Carol

Mr. Wigham’s favourite

A carol about Coventry


Was geet loud, then geet quiet then geet fast and loud and then everyone needed oxygen tents

loud and fast

Sempre Fedelis

A march that got faster and faster

Jolly march

Magnificent Men... and Their Flying Machines

Often started a concert

Ended the 1993 Easter concert- instead of Hootenanny!!!

Who Pays The Ferryman

Great tune

Rousing tune




Air On The Suite In D

Boring unless you were a Tenor Horn

Gentle dirge

Connecticut Capers

Junior Band Staple

Simple jaunt


Junior Band piece

American tribute

The Blues

Slow Junior Band piece

Simple - effective?

The children's March

The Junior Band’s Hootenanny

Various nursery rhymes

March from Aida

Also known as the Wrestling theme

Often played by the Junior band

Lazy Trumpeter

Cornet Solo

Impressive concert piece

The Floral Dance

Simple jolly tune

Terry Wogan

Alpine Tuba

Tuba Solo

Think ‘Switzerland’

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Tuba Solo

Think ‘Woods’ and ‘Teddy Bears’