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The Lord Lawson School 
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This is a resource for all past members of the Lord Lawson School Brass Band set up originally to try and preserve as much history as possible.  Whenever I bump into someone I was in the band with, there are always memories of hanging around in the Drama Hall before a concert, people falling off the stage during Hootenanny and valve oil accidents in common.  The Yahoo group is full of conversation and memories but the site went quiet once we’d all got our fix of nostalgia and/or people changed their e-mail addresses and stopped getting updates or forgot their log-in details.  Hopefully, this site will preserve as much as we can all remember about LLBB for as long as possible.  So if you have anything to share, please contact us through the contact page here.  Maybe one day, we can all get together and play Hootenanny one more time in tribute to the man who filled our time at Lord Lawson with memories we’ll never forget.  To Mr. Bruce Wigham - thank you.

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